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Payment is expected at the time of service.


If you have medical insurance coverage, we are happy to provide advice for accessing your benefits; however, we do not belong to HMO’s or participate in any provider networks, including Medicare or Medicaid. We use standard medical insurance codes and give you a super-bill suitable for submission to your insurer. If you inquire with your carrier about coverage of our services, ask about seeing out of network physicians. We can also provide you with specific billing codes for our services in advance.

Please be advised that we cannot assist patients needing treatment with open worker’s compensation claims or those involved in on-going automobile insurance claims. Dr. Laseter encourages you to use the insurance benefits of these programs with other practitioners. If you are an existing patient and have an accident or work-related injury, we will continue to provide care for your pre-existing conditions.

Medicare Patients must sign a form acknowledging that Dr. Laseter has opted-out of Medicare. This means you will not receive reimbursement for his services from Medicare. Secondary insurance may provide some reimbursement.

Download and sign this form before your first appointment if you are Medicare eligible.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding Medicare opt-out.


At Laseter Osteopathic, we provide a certain amount of uncompensated care.


We do have an important alternative to in-office appointments. Dr. Laseter encourages many patients to pursue Meditative-Exercise as a means to alleviate their problems, at a fraction of the cost of in-office care. Ask about this option and learn more on our website by visiting the Meditative-Exercise Page here.

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