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The Laseter Osteopathic Office is NOW CLOSED.
We thank you for choosing us these past 30 years.


Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM)

Dear Friends and Patients,

After 30 years the time has come for me to close my practice and move on to the next adventure. It has been a great honor and privilege to care for you, your families, and friends. Words cannot express my gratitude for the fulfillment it has given me, both personally and professionally. Sharing the osteopathic work and my art with you has been my life. It is a source of sorrow for me to leave here.

Our office will close its doors on August 16, 2023. We will be working full-time through July, then mornings only between July 31-August 16. Please come in and receive care until then. 

While there is still a bit of spark left in me, my wife and I are beginning new lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It has always been a dream of mine to live there and return to the West where I grew up. I will start a smaller osteopathic practice, and continue our work with Meditative Exercise (ME). I hope you will continue consulting me via Zoom or Facetime. During the pandemic, I found that much of what I can do with osteopathic treatment I can reproduce through ME, even online. Every weekend I am assisting people from around the country and beyond this way. Visit our website at: to learn more about Guided Meditative Exercise consultation and our Zoom classes for health maintenance.

Take Care, Dear Friends,

Christopher Laseter, D.O., AOB-NMM

From Dr Clemson

Hello Dear Friends,


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve you these past two years. It has been a pleasure and a wonderful learning experience. As I will no longer be seeing patients in the Lancaster office when Dr Laseter retires, I would be pleased to welcome you to continue your care with me at my State College office: 

Trinity Wellness, LLC

253 Easterly Parkway, Suite 207

State College PA 16801-6301

United States

1 (814) 409-7377

I wish you all the best in life and on your healing journeys. 



Dr Clemson


Medical Acupuncture

Laseter Osteopathic, LLC blends osteopathy and Chinese Medicine. Through the use of small needles at specific points on the body, medical acupuncture is a powerful method to providing overall wellness and alleviating symptoms.

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Osteopathic Manual Medicine

Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) is a safe, powerful, and engaging method of physical medicine. The aim is to change the function, thereby relieving pain and other symptoms of underlying dysfunction. 

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Meditative Exercise

Drawing on 30 years of experience in osteopathic medicine, Asian healing, and energy cultivation, Dr Laseter created Meditative Exercise (ME)  as a new approach to health and rehabilitation. ME  provides patients with a series of light exercises and practices to cultivate energy that are an effective way in alleviating symptoms and managing their health.

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In addition to the above primary services, we offer micro-current, cold laser, photo (light) medicine, and  pulsed magnetic field therapy; available as adjunctive treatment of neurodegenerative and other chronic diseases.



"In 2023 I will be in practice 40 years so I feel justified in speaking from experience. I’ve Known Chris for about 30 of them. Once in a career or less you meet a colleague that really has “IT”. Dr. Laseter is one of those people. Naturally gifted combined with many years of study while not being afraid to try something a little different. His ability as a healer is unquestionable in my mind. I can say this from the help he has provided for my patients as well as treatment he has done for me and family members. So many people would benefit greatly seeking his help early and not as a last resort".         



Peter Rowe, MD
Professor of Pediatrics,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“Dr. Laseter has made a phenomenal difference for some of our most complex pediatric and young adult patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, POTS, and other forms of orthostatic intolerance. His understanding of biomechanical contributors to symptoms and the innovative treatment approaches he implements have helped improve their function when medications fell short. I have enjoyed collaborating with him on patient care for over a decade. Our patients love him".

Eric Singman, MD
Director of the General Eye Service Clinic & Former Director of the Wilmer Eye Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


"I have consulted Dr Laseter on many challenging cases over the years. His innovative treatments of headache, concussion, chronic pain, and functional disorders of the nervous system have helped patients considerably, especially when conventional approaches have not achieved desired results. He has been a valuable resource to both me and my patients".

Peter Sebastian, DO
Board Certified


Dr Laseter appeared on the Multi-Dimensional MD with Arlene Dijamco, MD.
He spent the hour discussing the benefits of Meditative-Exercise, and demonstrated some mudras and movements that are easy to do and highly effective to destress and become more present in our daily lives.

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